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Suns up

Hey Sarver, listen up.

No disrespect intended, but even after all the years you’ve owned the Suns, Robert sounds a little familiar, and Mr. Sarver sounds like I’m addressing your banker side. And that’s what I want to talk to you about.

For quite a while now, the Phoenix Suns front office has been as much fun as a bunch of bankers — and we all know how entertaining they are. So now that you’ve fired the general manager, or as I call it shooting Blanks, you and you’re president Lon Babby really have your work cut out for you.

You have to find a new GM who understands not just the NBA and basketball but how to lead and how to administrate a complex organization, someone like the mayor of California’s capital city, Sacramento — Kevin Johnson. Smart, popular and even though just re-elected, he might resign for the right opportunity to return to the Suns.

Of course, as the GM, he could choose a new coach. That’s where I want to see Charles Barkley — on the sidelines, in the spotlight — not behind some desk. Of course, someone would have to restrict Charles’ recruiting to any place outside of Scottsdale.

I’m Pat McMahon.