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Screaming demon

Good lord, it’s happening again.

The Sparky debate continues on and off the campus of ASU. In this land where democracy rules, except in Florida, there actually is a vote going on through May 5th to determine which Sparky will be considered acceptable to the majority as the school’s mascot.

All of this, you’ll recall, came about as a result of a new Sparky being introduced without input from the student body. I find it slightly amusing that students passions could reach this peak on a campus that rarely demonstrates against issues like genocide.

But the nominees are available on Sparky websites and the remarkable thing, to me, is that the four choices are nearly as identical as our congressional nominees.

If we’re going to continue to use a unique name like Sun Devils for our university athletic teams why not make them really scary like Lucifer or Beelzebub? If that’s unacceptable to evangelicals, perhaps Linda Blair could just throw up green stuff on our opponents.

I’ll bet then you’d like Sparky.

I’m Pat McMahon.