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Technology is watching, bad guys

There were a couple of bad guys and countless heroes in Boston. An amazing number of those heroes at ground zero ran toward the destruction, using their garments as bandages and tourniquets, embracing and comforting strangers.

It was a week of rushed, and all too often, inaccurate news coverage. But above all, it was an example of astounding law enforcement investigatory work that will stand as a hallmark for future police organizations.

And, more than anything, the one element that made it all possible was the most controversial — surveillance — the security camera on the retail buildings that first introduced the world to Mr. Black Hat and Mr. White Hat — the helicopters, infrared equipment that targeted the suspect moving in a backyard boat.

Without that technology, where would the investigation be today? Yet, there are those who fear all surveillance — noncriminals who feel that these are Big Brother items invading our God given privacy — the nose of the camel in the tent. I, for one, would like to know if the camel is carrying a bomb.

I’m Pat McMahon.