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Criminal captured! Wait … never mind

I miss Gilda Radner on “Saturday Night Live.”

It’s been all too many years since I could enjoy those bizarre characters like Rosanne Rosannadanna and Baba Wawa. One of my favorites was Emily Litella, the elderly woman who could never get all the information quite right.

She was concerned that people were editorializing about children exposed to all the violins on TV. Remember, when she was reminded that it was violence on TV, she responded, as she always did, “Never mind.” I don’t have to nostalgically recall Emily these days because that’s how television news handles live breaking stories.

“Boston police have bombers in custody … identities to be revealed momentarily … pardon me … what? No one has been arrested? Never mind.”

Yeah, but we do mind. It happens all the time. “Sandy Hook shooter’s mother part of school faculty.” No, she wasn’t! Those news people just wanted to get the story on first, even if it was wrong. Does it make me mad? You’re damn right. But never mind!

I’m Pat McMahon.