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Latino bashers, I introduce you to Carlos Arredondo

Hey, white Anglo guy.

Not all of you. Just the one who keeps sending comments to my computer about anything negative done by anyone with a Latino name.

I’m sure you must have seen them. If there’s a news story about a drive-by shooting and there’s a suspect named Guillermo, this guy writes a response like “What do you expect from them?” He, of course, ignores the fact that the victim’s name is Ricardo.

It doesn’t matter what the story is, either — crime, a foreclosure, a traffic accident — he calls attention that some person with a Latino name has failed.

Well, white Anglo guy, here’s one of those names I’d like you to remember. In fact, I’d like you to find him on the Internet. His name is Carlos Arredondo.

He’s fairly easy to find among the street interviews from Boston on Monday. He’s the one covered in the blood of the casualties he tried to save. The American flag he’s holding is bloody too. Carlos had to use it as a tourniquet working for the Red Cross.

I don’t know whether Carlos Arredondo is an American citizen, but I do know he’s a “héroe.” That’s Spanish for hero!

I’m Pat McMahon.