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Hating on ‘Star’ magazine’s most-hated list

Hate, to me, is a very serious word because it represents a very serious emotional response.

That’s why “Star” magazine’s list of the 20 most-hated celebrities turns me off. I don’t even hate “Star” magazine for creating the list.

I’m a little puzzled that the number one most-hated celebrity is, of all people, Gwyneth Paltrow. What did she ever do that was hateful, besides naming her kids Apple and Moses? And that’s none of our business. The kids will make them pay later on.

I don’t hate any celebrity. That would be a huge waste of energy. There sure are well-known people who can create a serious gastric problem in my digestive system.

Ann Coulter is one, especially when she makes outrageous statements like offhandedly recommending Meghan McCain for assassination. Yes, it was said sarcastically, but Meghan’s father didn’t see the humor either.

Proving that I am fair and balanced, I fantasize about the glorious day Ann Coulter would be shipwrecked with Keith Olberman and the only thing they would have for entertainment is videos by Nikki Minaj.

I’m Pat McMahon.