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Rutgers coach makes Knights scarlet with embarrassment

New Jersey has more to worry about than Gov. Chris Christie’s blood pressure.

The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers Univerity are flushed with embarrassment as a result of the world being exposed to the leadership style of now ex-basketball coach Mike Rice.

Watching the just-released videos of him abusing his players would suggest an appropriate nickname for him would be “Minute Rice” since that seems to be the maximum length of his self-control and that after taking anger management classes. The video shows him throwing basketballs at his players, pushing them, grabbing them, kicking them and making Bobby Knight look like Mother Teresa.

Was all of this brutish behavior shocking to the athletic department at Rutgers? It’s a little hard to tell since Rice is the fourth basketball coach in a row to be fired for some kind of inappropriate behavior.

Hey, these are kids on a basketaball team, not Navy SEALs. And all of you who excuse Rice’s behavior because a coach has to toughten up his payers, you should be locked in a gym over night with Mike Rice offering you a personal critique of your athletic skills.

Bring a jock.

I’m Pat McMahon.