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I always learn during Action for Autism

Every year when KTAR stages it’s “Action for Autism” fundraising day, I learn something, because there’s always something to learn about the condition or, more accurately, the conditions.

The outstanding minds in medical research still have more questions than answers. But every time someone tells me something I didn’t know.

No one ever knows what the final total will be when it comes to your contributions, but we always know that we and SARRC can depend on the generosity of Arizona. It’s remarkable how many of you respond even though autism, in any form, may never have directly touched your family. You contributors are really a remarkable group of people.

But I left the SARRC offices Wednesday with a greater understanding of who you are. No one called in even one pledge, through all those hours, specifying that the money had to be used to help an Anglo child or a Christian child or a child of color or conservative child.

You just said, “Here, let me help a child.”

Thank you.

I’m Pat McMahon.