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CBS deserves credit for cutting Kevin Ware replays

For a media organization of any kind — traditional network television, cable or sattelite, print — for any of them to show the slighest balance of good taste and good judgement over sensationalism is newsworthy in itself.

I’m sure you have heard about the horrible injury suffered by Kevin Ware of the University of Louisville in its NCAA basketball victory over Duke.

His leg snapped during play. It was a compound fracture and shocking to see.

But fewer viewers saw it than might have because CBS, after two replays, pulled it because of the graphic nature of the footage. Some less responsible outlets, continued to repeat it in all its gruesomeness.

The reasons that people are drawn to hideous events like this are locked in the darkest parts of the human psyche — the parts that draw some to the sites of tragedies — that make for the unexplainable continuing success of the video series “faces of death.”

For the rest of us who chose to turn away from Kevin Ware’s injury, it was good to hear his surgery was successful.

So now, let’s all go back to watching “Bones” as they try to identify their weekly decaying cadaver.

I’m Pat McMahon.