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It’s tough to be on the right nowadays

Some things are just tough to do.

Being a tax collector has had a stigma attached to it for as long as the powerful have taken money from everybody else.

If you’re a guest at a cocktail party and you’re introduced to people as a very successful medical specialist, you notice how everyone begins to gather around you, until you tell them you’re a proctologist. No one speaks to you for the rest of the evening.

That seems to be what it’s like to be a Republican these days. It’s just so hard to appear to do anything right.

It’s not that the Democrats have the answers, it’s just the times we live in. It used to be so easy to win elections by ignoring Latinos, both citizens and non-citizens. You were safe doing that because they didn’t or couldn’t vote. And now they do, Romney lost and suddenly Republicans are learning to pronounce “saguaro.”

There was never any need to show respect for non-heterosexuals if you were a Republican, but new young voters don’t seem to care about orientation.

It’s so difficult theses days to be right.

I’m Pat McMahon.