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When it comes to Jodi Arias trial, we’re all guilty

Look, let’s stop all the nonsense!

There can only be one verdict in the Jodi Arias murder trial going on in downtown Phoenix: guilty! Without a shadow of a doubt, guilty.

Not the defendant, Jodi Arias, that’s up to the jury. I’m talking about us, all of us who are hanging on every salacious, titillating word of her testimony, which I believe is now going into its second year.

If there really is a movie being discussed, they already have enough material for two sequels and if the film has the same attraction as the trial, it will be a smash.

People lined up outside the courthouse every day just to get a seat at the erotic drama called “50 Shades of Travis.” Every lurid sex act described in detail prior to her early-onset dementia that prevents her from remembering the shot to the head, the 27 stab wounds and the slashed throat. But you can’t remember everything!

And why is it always called the Mormon Murder trial? If a Presbyterian did it, would that be included?

Perhaps, but only by Nancy Grace and her nightly TV autopsy.

I’m Pat McMahon.