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News? What news? It’s Oscar season

As the days of sequestration draw close — with the national economy on the brink — and the future of a large part of Christianity anxiously waiting for the election of a new Roman Catholic Pope, what is the single topic that is at the forefront of all our thoughts this weekend?

The Oscars!

Yes, Sunday is Academy Award night and the only drone most of us are interested in has to do with the length of the acceptance speeches. There are Oscar parties all over the Valley and, if you’re not going to one, it may be that you don’t want company while you decide on your own whether the Academy got it right.

Everybody makes predictions, but I’m about to go out on a limb by sharing my personal choices for who I think the winners should be.

Best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln for introducing me to someone I thought I knew well.

Best actress: Surprise! Quvenzhane Wallis for “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” The other nominees had a lifeline of experience. She was only 6 and astounding.

Best picture: “The Life of Pi,” in recognition of Director Ang Lee courageously creating an entire motion picture around the number 3.1415.

I’m Pat McMahon.