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Maybe Mark Grace deserves to be treated with some grace

This early in the Lenten season, it seems appropriate to be contemplating the value of grace.

Naturally, i’m talking about Mark Grace. What does Lent have to do with the Diamondback’s former broadcaster?

Well, among many Christians, it’s considered a time of reflection and sacrifice and repentance.

I’m sure Gracie would be among the first to acknowledge all of that needs to be an important part of his life right now. In case you haven’t heard, “right now” consists of Mark Grace by day, on the baseball field as a D-backs coach at the team’s Talking Stick spring training facility and by night a convicted two-time DUI offender sleeping in the cold confines of Tent City for his four-month sentence.

There are some who feel he got special treatment because he’s Mark Grace. Some who have been critical of the Diamondbacks management for giving him a second chance after firing him as a broadcaster.

There was another guy a long time ago, who drove drunk during a blizzard. I just didn’t get caught.

So for those of you who want the book thrown at Mark Grace, “let he who is without sin, throw the first slider.”

I’m Pat McMahon.