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Michelle Obama surrounded by guests at State of the Union

Did you notice at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, First Lady Michelle Obama had almost as many guests around her as there were representatives and senators on the floor.

Perhaps the president was considering the philosophy that states: “If you can’t beat them, surround them.”

Man, just seated with the First Lady we noticed members of the military, students, teachers, small businesses, large-large businesses (like the CEO of Apple), medical people, a governor, a mayor — not just any mayor, you understand — the mayor of Avondale, Ariz., our own Maria Lopez Rogers. What a story she has.

Long before she was elected in 2006, she grew up in the exact same area, but then it was a cotton land and that’s where she worked next to her migrant family in the farm labor camp that now is the home of Avondale City Hall, where Mayor Roger’s office is. What a journey.

Not quite as long as another guest at the State of the Union: Desiline Victor, originally from Haiti, now Miami; she’s 102-years-old. Why was she invited?

She voted in the last election.

I’m Pat McMahon.