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Today, I just want to talk about a mother

Every day when I share these commentaries with you, it’s usually simply to open up possibilities for further thought on some topic of the day.

But today I just want to introduce you to a mom.

Now, technically some would say that she was a mom, the mother of Max Schacknai. Remember, Max was the little 6-year-old boy, who was found at the bottom of that staircase in Coronado, Calif. Days later, the young woman in whose care he was also was found dead.

I’m sure you remember the tragic story and what to some is a continuing mystery, but his mom, Dina, keeps Max very much alive with her creation, Maxie’s House. I met Dina last Saturday evening as she introduced a number of us to this new purpose in her life and the life of Max.

Maxie’s House is a foundation that concentrates on programs that provide safety measures and protective solutions which specifically benefit shared custody or blended households. These are new concepts that, at last, address the safety, legal and transparency needs of the children of couples who separate.

Are you one of those couples? Do you have a Max? There’s valuable help available right now at That’s where Dina spends most of her time these days.

She believes Max is there too.

I’m Pat McMahon.