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Has technology affected the Postal Service’s delivery?

The United States Postal Service just announced that they’ve come up with a plan to save two billion dollars. The U.S.Postal Service!

The Post Office, mail boxes, snail mail. Yes, those guys. It’s official, by the first week in August, Saturday mail delivery will be no more for the first time since 1863.

And for those of you who didn’t know there was a Saturday delivery, it probably won’t have a huge effect on you. No letters and magazines, but packages will still be brought to your door. Saving two billion dollars with one decision like that would seem monumental, that is until you relize that the Postal Service lost nearly 16 billion just last year.

Is that all a result of new technology — email and texting?

Well, that certainly has changed people’s correspondence, but the primary problem the post offices of America have is the law that congress passed in 2006 making them the only government agency that must pay 5.5 billion a year into future health benefits. Congress now interfering with mail delivery is enough to make you go postal!