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How many more Ala. kidnappers are there?

On Monday, we saved a child who was in grave danger.

You’ve no doubt heard by now that the 5-year-old abducted from his Alabama school bus by a man who killed the driver has been rescued from the underground bunker where he has been kept the last seven days as a prisoner.

His kidnapper is dead. After a week of negotiations with 65-year-old Vietnam veteran Jimmy Lee Dykes, the FBI concluded the child was in imminent danger, charged the stronghold and rescued him. Dykes was killed and even though there was a death, there was also a happy ending.

Ethan, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, has been reunited with his mother. Charles Albert Poland will be remembered as a hero for helping 21 other chidren to escape his school bus before giving up his life.

The man so many residents of Midland City, Ala. thought of as a dangerous, eccentric loner, will no longer threaten neighbors with hs firearms anymore. He will no longer beat dogs to death anymore. He won’t kidnap little boys anymore.

But the question remains: How many Jimmy Lee Dykes are there? Is there one who lives near your child’s bus stop?

I’m Pat McMahon.