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Unhappy ending for Champagne Room

Last Tuesday, Phoenix law enforcement culminated a five-year investigation with a raid on a Phoenix business and a number of arrests.

What crime has an impact on our community that justifies five years of police work?

Terrorism, drug trafficking, political corruption? No. The Phoenix business that was busted a few days ago was the Champagne Room, a strip club near 40th Street and Broadway.

The crime? Prostitution.

There were three women who were arrested for performing sex acts for anywhere from $300 to $900 and a couple who were the apparent owners and who lived in, knock-knock, Surprise!

All I’m asking you is — Do you really care?

As long as we’re always talking about consenting adults, I find myself on the side of the libertarians, and in agreement with much of the rest of the world.

Australia, New Zealand, strict Singapore and so many other countries will not tolerate street walkers or pimps but regulated commercial sex with regular medical testing is not their government business.

Personally, I can’t think of anything less attractive than paying for sex unless it’s paying a politician to regulate it.

I’m Pat McMahon.