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‘It can never happen here’ is no more

It was just a day in January called Wednesday.

The thing about this Wednesday that was a vast improvement over the last one is the temperature. A week ago, it was cold and this Wednesday was warm enough that when my wife called to invite me out for a mid-morning cup of coffee, I ordered an iced mocha at the starbucks at 16th Street and Bethany Home, chatted about family business for a while and then it was time to make the routine trip to my office at KTAR, located at 16th Street north of Glendale. It was right around 10:30 a.m.

I didn’t hear the shots.

Perhaps they hadn’t happened yet, but when I got to the radio station, just up the street the alert had already come in. At least three people had been shot in an office building that I just passed. To the best of my knowledge, the incident was over but I called my wife anyway just to make sure she was safe and out of the neighborhood.

While authorities were looking for the gunman, the old cliché entered my mind: “I never thought it could happen here,” as I looked up at a TV monitor showing Gabby Giffords testifying before a Congressional committee on gun control.

I’m Pat McMahon.