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There’s more to college than a degree

Did you graduate from college? Do you have a degree?

I don’t. Oh, I have an honorary doctorate, but I didn’t have to work for that one. I just had to give a speech, that’s all.

I wanted to finish school because I really loved it, but after two years of studying about broadcasting, I was offered a surprisingly good job in radio. Now, I spend every day talking to brilliant people at the top of every field, yet I don’t have a diploma.

Tuesday’s news story on the subject suggested that there are too many of them. Everybody is graduating from college, but they’re not all doctors or engineers. About 25 percent of the retail people behind the store counter where you shop are college graduates. That’s true of 17 percent of bartenders and 15 percent of taxi drivers. According to the Center for College Affordability, most career fields these days don’t require a college degree.

If you have one you’ll probably make more money, but if you’re going to school to get a job, it probably isn’t worth the money.

Ah, but if you’re getting an education to learn things you never knew, to enhance your life, to discover, contact the dean of admissions right now.

I’m Pat McMahon.