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Pink platoons will finally be a part of America’s military

Finally, after all this time, half of our population has been given permission to offer their lives for our country.

At last, American women will no longer be treated like helpless, hoop-skirted maidens waiting at the window for their man to come home from war. On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on U.S. females in the military going into combat. No man or woman wants to be in harm’s way, but how archaic the services have been by maintaining this antiquated gender bias.

Will all women be able to perform all the physical demands of combat soldering? No, but neither can I.

On Friday I was reading arguments against the decision like, “Women will be less likely to stay engaged or be of help to others.”


Or “They could find themselves in a combat area sleeping with male soldiers.”

Isn’t that the same stupid argument made to keep gays out of the military?

When people are being shot at, sex is not their most immediate concern. If you’re still opposed to the idea, argue with Israel, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Then tell your mom she’s not tough enough.

I’m Pat McMahon.