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State of the State reveals a longer immigration wait

On Monday, as you may know, we found out the answer to the question we have been asking for some time: “What is the state of our state?”

Gov. Jan Brewer was prepared to tell us in her annual address and there are some changes called for: the staffing of child protective services will be improved and Medicaid will be available to more people, but is the state of our state about to dramatically change in its neighborly relationship with the Mexican state of Sonora or any of the rest of that country?

¡Occasion gordo (“fat chance”)!

Brewer said she won’t support efforts to reform the nation’s immigration system until the border with Mexico is secure. Her position is nearly as surprising as the entertainment world discovering that Jodie Foster is gay.

Why should immigration reform wait for anything? We’ve been waiting for major changes for decades.

The border will only be secure when new immigration laws are in place.

I’m Pat McMahon.