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Do we still need to keep up with the Kardashians?

I really do try to avoid spending a great deal of time keeping up with the latest linkage of celebrity couples, but one only need to wake up in order to be confronted with the sadomasochistic exercise of keeping up with the Kardashians.

They are everywhere.

Khloe just finished a stint on “The X-Factor” having broken the record for asking the contestants the same questions: “How does it feel being rejected by America?” and “What do you think of my cleavage?”

There are other “K” people under this media mushroom cloud, but the one that caused me to chance damage to my frontal lobes by talking about them is Kim.

For a woman who sprang into public prominence through a very lucrative sex video, how ironic it is that all of her current videos are focusing on conception? Yes, the still married Kim Kardashian had to have access to my nightmares when she picked another of my least-appreciated celebrities, monster ego Kanye West.

Would it really be a surprise if they chose to name the child Damien?

I’m Pat McMahon.