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Let’s all be thankful that hockey is back

It’s finally happened!

After a 113-day lockout and negotiating body checks without a penalty, God looked down and said, “Let there be hockey” and it was good!

One more week and Arena would have become part of the new Tanger Outlet Stores. So Coyotes fans, it’s nearly time to celebrate, but don’t plan on a long party.

The season is only going to be 48 games, which could mean triple-headers before the playoffs. In that short a season, the championship trophy may be the Stanley Espresso Cup.

There’s excitement about new ownership too, as Greg Jamison is about to sign an agreement to take over what may become the Arizona Coyotes very soon.

While a large number of very loyal folks proudly express their puck passion, let’s acknowledge that the NHL’s three major work stoppages in two decades is difficult for some to easily digest. But this agreement is for 10 years and maybe then everybody can just shake hands and keep playing hockey.

Now that’s a goal, devoutly to be wished for.

I’m Pat McMahon.