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No matter what happens on Monday, I’m all Irish

Monday’s the night!

For those of you who only get involved with sports during the Final Four in college basketball and the World Series in Major League Baseball, tonight is the BCS Division I college football championship.

Notre Dame versus Alabama, number one versus number two, the undefeated Irish facing the powerful Crimson Tide, who have lost only once all season.

For the rest of us who knew all that already and didn’t need any added incentives to be watching every tick of the clock till 6:30 this evening, there is one additional bonus about this game: It also means we only have to suffer this BCS nonsense one more time. Then, a real playoff like in every other collegiate sport.

I’m not the least bit impartial. My son went to Notre Dame. In school, every Friday, a sister would send a Hail Mary toward South Bend, Indiana.

I’ve never been on the ‘Bama campus. I’m sure it’s nice. Bear Bryant is right up there with Frank Leahy and Ara Parseghian, but every time I’ve stood in the shadow of the Golden Dome at Notre Dame, I’ve felt I was somewhere special spiritually, academically, if not always ahletically anymore.

So no matter what happens tonight, go Irish!

I’m Pat McMahon.