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Is 2013 going to be any different from years past?

Remember the Frank Sinatra classic with the lyric, “When I was 21, it was a very good year?”

And you know, looking back, it was. Republicans and Democrats got business done by — now get this — by speaking to each other with respect and the country never seemed to get close to a fiscal cliff.

Now all of us feel like Thelma and Louise every morning when we wake up.

When I was 21, I knew people who owned guns. My father had a hunting rifle. I never was aware of any one who felt the need for a privately-owned arsenal. You know, if we could use flame-throwers for hunting, we could just cook the venison on the spot.

Even as a young man I remember zealots predicting the end of the world. This time apparently the Mayans were wrong. Even Warren Jeffs of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said it’s coming. But what if Warren Jeffs turns out to be a Mayan?

It used to be that players and coaches stayed with one team. Now, everyone has their names on their uniforms just so we know who’s on our side.

Of course, some things go on forever. The Arabs and Israelis are still screaming at one another with threats of destruction.

Oh, I’m sorry. That’s Congress.