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Let’s leave Powerball winner alone…wait, $192 million?

So much for privacy and so much for anonymity.

Last week’s Arizona Powerball winner of $192 million simply asked for privacy; that his name not be released publically as is allowed by Arizona law. That lasted about 72 hours because that winner, Matthew Good of Fountain Hills, Ariz., was not informed by anyone that, in our modern world, there is no such thing as privacy.

Haven’t most of us considered the ramifications of disclosing to the world that we had suddenly become the recipients of enormous wealth, riches beyond anything we can spend in a lifetime?

Instantly, we would be beseiged by relatives we never knew, charities who would attempt to shame us into a contribution and infinite investment opportunities. And as we gained the needy and the greedy, we would no doubt lose a little respect for mankind.

We not only know that his name is Matthew Good, we know where he lives, where he used to live and the names of his family members. Matthew Good, I hope you can escape our society’s materialistic mercenaries.

Hey! Wait a minute! Matthew, I used to play a cowboy named Marshall Good. We could be related.

Call me!

I’m Pat McMahon.