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Kurt Warner could be interesting for the Cardinals

By now I suppose most of you know on Sunday the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets played football.

Football lost.

The score was 7-6; one touchdown and two field goals. Most people were grateful that there was only a one-point difference because, had it been three, the game might have ended in a tie and they could still be playing in a futile effort to score.

The Jets are dreadful, with a season-long quarterback problem and a head coach whose job is in jeopardy. How could any team with problems like that ever win a game? And we might not.

Listen, I’m a fan. I don’t like taking cheap shots at guys that are not only getting beat up but also humiliated. The defense is great, but people dread an interception because it means our offense gets the ball again. Oh, no! Ryan Lindley’s passes were so off-target, he hit three vendors in the stands.

Some people are demanding a new head coach, but first, why not a new offensive coordinator, someone who can send in the plays, someone who knows how to move the team down the field and can work with the quarterbacks?

Someone like Kurt Warner. Interesting?

I’m Pat McMahon.