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Just a couple of pet peeves biting away

You know how irritating it is to have one fly in the house, buzzing around your face no matter where you go?

That’s what I call an annoyance. People who perpetually interrupt, that’s a pet peeve, but since I wasn’t among those who threw punches on Black Friday to let off steam, allow me to share stuff that really bugs me!

Why do I have to release my newspaper from bondage every morning before I can read it? The front page is partially covered with a folded ad covering a third of the content and some of the rest is inaccessible because some Republic employee has been assigned the job of affixing large promotional stickers over the headlines. Next, they’ll be selling the obit page to a cryogenics laboratory.

Why do beautiful young people have to cover their extremities with tattoos? I don’t mean a small butterfly discreetly placed. I’m talking about the Battle of Midway as a body mural. Bad permanent art, that’s painful. That’s marketing!

And do restaurants not understand that dinner music is supposed to be soft and soothing, not head bangers like Linkin Park? I’d prefer to be able to talk to my wife.

Hey! Thanks for listening. I feel better already.

I’m Pat McMahon.