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It’s an odd time for a revelation, Angus T. Jones

I’m often moved by a dramatic change for the better in a person’s life.

They are difficult and are made even more so by the temptations around every corner. Whenever I hear someone say that they’ve been sober for any length of time, I admire them beyond measure.

I am struggling a bit with the Monday announcement that Angus T. Jones, the kid on “Two & a Half Men,” is pleading with his audience to stop watching the show because it fills viewer’s heads with filth.

In no way am I questioning the validity of his review, but I’m curious as to why it took him so long to arrive at that conclusion. Before and after Charlie Sheen, the show has been a monument to double-entendre and sexual innuendo, often not even that subtle.

But hey, Angus! You’re 19-years-old. You’ve grown up on the show. When did you discover what it was about?

Since it’s also about your $350,000 an episode, I can understand why you say you have no plans to get out of your contract.

I’m Pat McMahon.