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We all need to chill out over the use of ‘Christmas’

This year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just barely history and it’s already started: I’ve already heard reports of complaints from people offended by any recognition of Christmas in the secular world.

Some parents are lodging demands that the Christmas assembly be canceled because their children’s school choir is scheduled to perform — please forgive me, if this is simply too graphic — they’re scheduled to perform a program of Christmas carols!

Some of these songs date back to the Middle Ages, but for some, they’re unacceptable for middle schools. We could always pretend that “Silent Night” is about the day you lost your iPod and “Joy to the World” was just a 1970s hit for Three Dog Night.

There are actually people who refuse to drive by the Nativity scene displayed by some churches. Hey! It’s a baby and his mom and dad. He grew up to be pretty famous. Jews and Muslims respect him as a prophet and a good man.

If you can’t at least do that, chill out for Christ’s sake!

I’m Pat McMahon.