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Morality aside, why can’t Petraeus, Allen still lead?

Remember when we used to be shocked to find out that every public figure that was single might not be a virgin?

Then came the decade long “summer of love,” the ’60s and the Donna Reed fantasies became the lusty realities of Woodstock.

Yet with all the cultural freedoms that exist now, as never before, society still seems stunned when any person with power proves to be from somewhere besides Krypton.

Bill Clinton is now the revered former president that did it all right. He did eight years with no wars. He did two terms without a deficit. Hardly anyone mentions that he also did Monica Lewinsky.

So if we’re that forgiving, why are two respected generals in so much trouble? Are these two soldiers less capable of leadership because after they left the battlefield these heroes sadly reverted to just “a couple of guys?” Not wise, not moral, but should they be discarded?

At least Elmo has been exonerated, but does that mean we can continue to ignore the ugly rumors about an inappropriate relationship between Miss Piggy and Rush Limbaugh. Shame!

I’m Pat McMahon.