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A better way to say ‘thank you’ to veterans

“Thank you for your service.”

Even when it’s not Veterans Day, we say that, don’t we?

Most of us are prompted to express our gratitude when we see someone in uniform or wearing a cap that says “Vietnam” or “U.S.S. Nimitz” or perhaps simply “Semper Fi.”

We should go out of our way to let our warriors know how appreciative we are to all of them, everybody who ever put on a uniform.

Listen, in the Army, my entire military career was as an entertainer with a special services group of singers and dancers that toured the United States and Europe. The closest I ever came to harm’s way was a pair of tap shoes that didn’t fit, yet even I have been thanked for my service — often by others in the military — for bringing a little fun into their lives and it always made me feel great.

But veterans these days many times need more than words of gratitude. How many of you would invite an active-duty service person to your home for a holiday dinner? Find out what needs their families might have? Or, best of all, offer a returning soldier a job?

You know, that would be a nice new way to say “thank you for your service.”

I’m Pat McMahon.