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How do we schedule the non-partisan play date?

It appears that most of the ballot questions have been answered.

A couple of races still have to be decided, but the puzzle that still seems to be discussed most frequently — and most pessimistically — is just how the partisan gridlock can be broken once everyone gets back to some business other than being elected.

I don’t recall such entrenched zealots since Martin Luther bid farewell to the Vatican and started his own party.

But one thing everyone seems to agree on, is if the president and Congress conduct business as they have been, there will be far less business to conduct for all of us. So how does anyone get leadership from both sides to listen to one another for ideas that could create a better America?

Polite discussion? Forget it.

Numbers and logic? Not a chance.

Power! It’s the only thing that gets respect in Washington.

What do you think would happen if President Obama got the Republican and Democratic leaders together in a room with the senior George Bush and Bill Clinton, two men who traveled the world together, two men who have seen and done it all and everyone began to talk seriously about the art of compromise?

That is, after the team of George and Bill reminded everybody to “cut the crap!”

It’s a start.

I’m Pat McMahon.