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Chicago teacher’s strike gets a failing grade

If I had a son or daughter enrolled in the Chicago public school system, I should be charged with child abuse.

The public school teachers in that huge metropolitan community have been on strike since Monday.


That’s a union word for withholding services until management either gives in or closes down. In a way, the Chicago public school system closed down a long time ago with some of the poorest performance results and one of the shortest school years on record.

Is the argument about underpaid teachers making more money? Partly, but in Chicago, teachers average $76,000 per year — before benefits. They are also balking at being graded themselves on the quality of their work.

Let me ask you: doesn’t someone evaluate your work? Mine is.

Please notice, I’m only referring to the public school teachers. The private and parochial and charter schools of Chicago are still open and teaching. Those folks average only $50,000 per year.

I guess real educators don’t want to be counted absent.

I’m Pat McMahon.