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It’s all over, but where was God?

They are over!

The double feature, Cirque du Presidente, held in Florida and North Carolina the last two weeks, has dropped its last balloon and the other gas-filled objects are also gone. Now that America has seen and heard every Republican and Democrat that could possibly grab a little podium time, we can go about electing the leader of the free world.

With so many getting so much airtime, have you heard who was almost left out of the Democrats platform? God!

They actually hastily added his name after Republicans chided them for being heathens, Visigoths and the spawn of Satan. It actually became a major debate issue and held up proceedings until it could be corrected.

About the time this was going on, a major lightning storm was forecast over the area as a voice was heard saying, “Don’t bother me with such petty trivia”!

I’m Pat McMahon