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Supreme Court passing things besides the border

Believe it or not, the Supreme Court handed down some other interesting decisions in the last few days that used an occasional S and B, but no 1070s…and we haven’t even gotten to healthcare yet.

Last week, they really shook things up for broadcasters and everyone who thinks that the George Carlin legacy that said there are seven words that may not be used over the air is still in effect.

This highly conservative court unanimously tossed out fines against two television networks for allowing a little nudity on a drama show and unintentionally broadcasting obscenities spoken on an awards show a decade ago.

In the 10 years since the American TV audience was exposed to those incidents, I am unaware that there are signs the apocalypse is any closer. There may come a time when censorship will be handled exclusively by the remote control.

Another decision that moves us nearer to being a humane society disallows life sentences without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders — reasonable since their brains are not fully developed.

If only some of our policy makers could use that as an excuse.

I’m Pat McMahon.