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A little something for everyone in SB 1070 ruling

Hey everybody!

The Supremes have another big hit. It’s called, “Stop! In the name of common sense!”

Yesterday, the Supremes held court and handed down their long-awaited ruling on SB 1070, the tough Arizona law dealing with immigration.

Lo and behold, everybody declared a victory.

Gov. Brewer felt that she won a moral and ethical victory and may soon volunteer to pose for a new figurine holding the scales of justice.

Janet Napolitano said that she felt pleased that the ruling clearly determines that, in these matters, federal law has jurisdiction.

And, as has often happened in court proceedings, sheriff Joe couldn’t recall how he felt.

The court struck down three of the four elements of SB 1070. The one that held up was allows police to check the status of someone that may be here illegally.

With all the unhappiness we’ve been living with, isn’t it miraculous how rapidly everyone has discovered the a light at the end of the immigration tunnel?

I mentioned that the Supremes were the talk of the town. Ah, but the real success story today has to go to that remarkable group performing in every political office: the spinners.

I’m Pat McMahon.