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A Champ

To quote that song from West Side Story, “something’s coming, something good, gonna be great.”

College football fans are finally on the doorstep of a true playoff. Around the corner, in fact next week, college presidents will meet to officially approve a four-team playoff to determine the champion of Division One college football.

No more BCS. A playoff like in every other intercollegiate sport, including football in the lower divisions.

That already kind of neutralizes the argument about student-athletes taking too much time out of their academic responsibilities.

College basketball is a 30-plus game season, ending with a 68-team tournament — and big TV ratings — and big money going to the schools.

That may have been the motivation for this change. The BCS Championship game is worth about $125 million. The estimated take on the new playoff? Up to $400 million for the schools.

It will start at the end of the 2014 season with four teams. Who knows, if it works, maybe eight!

The air is hummin’ and something great is comin’!

I’m Pat McMahon.