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I went out this morning to see if my Arizona Republic pamphlet had been delivered.

There it was, on the front step, where I have found it every morning. A while back, they would toss it in my yard. I had to ask them to be careful not to damage some of the plants.

Now, most days, the paper is so small it hardly leaves a mark. And how sad.

The first time somebody yelled “Stop the presses!” I don’t think they actually meant forever.

But that may be what’s actually happening. More and more people are reading the news of the day on a screen instead of an actual page. And because of that, more and more long-time, traditional newspapers are actually ceasing operations.

I use both. I like discovering stories I wouldn’t necessarily see, buried somewhere on page 26. But sometimes there is no page 26 or the news is so dated it should be listed as history. When local sports scores come in too late to be printed in the morning paper, something’s wrong.

What’s wrong is that, all too soon, newspapers, already an endangered species, may become extinct.

I’m Pat McMahon.