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Pool Losers

I hate to be the one to ask you something as personal as this, but is this the weekend you lose your child to that tempting, seductive killer — the swimming pool?

Oh, I know there’s nothing fundamentally evil about the pool itself. It’s just sitting there. Just as there’s nothing fundamentally evil about you when you’re just sitting there, watching a ball game, while your toddler goes out in the yard to play.

You were sure that someone else was watching, because you’re a good parent. You would never let anything happen to any child in a pool. And there’s always someone who knows where the kids are at all times.

All of them are with you, watching the ball game. Except the baby. Where’s the baby?

What’s that in the bottom of the pool?

That’s how sudden it can happen to the best of families, like friends of ours whose 4-year-old stood on a chair, unlocked the pool gate and will be 4-years-old forever.

I’m Pat McMahon.