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Bush The III

Boy, it seems like it’s been a long time, but I think I may have found a political figure that is interesting enough that I would have to consider him for future leadership positions.

There could come a time, if he continues his current line of thinking, that I might even give him my vote, but I can’t now because he’s not running for anything.

If he’s so stimulating, why isn’t he seeking some public office? Because of his name: Bush! Jeb Bush.

Republican leadership doesn’t think the American voters find dynasties attractive and Bush the Third sounds like a member of some royal family.

But I don’t care who he’s related to, as long as he relates to me. And yesterday morning, Jeb bush publicly said that his father and Ronald Reagan would not be comfortable in today’s Republican Party. He criticized the Republicans who signed that anti-tax pledge and rejected the party’s claim that President Obama is primarily to blame for the sluggish economy.

Wait a minute, a politician who follows her principles instead of the party line?

As Mr. Bush, Jeb Bush. As I said when I interviewed you awhile back, tell me more!

I’m Pat McMahon.