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You know, usually I try to use the moments between you and me to make them more about you than me.

Oh, I;ll offer thoughts and opinions about the issues of the day but, hopefully, they are reflections on topics that may affect you personally.

However, this morning I choose to talk about me — and her — and us. Over the weekend, I celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary.

Yes, in spite of what some of you might think, my long-suffering wife, Duffy, celebrated too. Her parents were married for 65 years, mine nearly forever, but it seems, these days, 28 years comes close to eligibility for the Guinness Book of World Records.

How sad that there are so many divorces after hardly enough time to get acquainted. And the children of those brief encounters never knowing what it’s like to grow up with the mom and dad that conceived him.

I don’t know whether we should make it harder to get a divorce or harder to get married.

Perhaps a one-question polygraph test: Are you sure?

I’m Pat McMahon.