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Gotcha Grandpa

I like to think of myself as a protector of all things
children. That is not to say I find all children equally
appealing. Some I never cared for at all – but if they’re
kids, they need protection.

However, we seem to live in a time when, because of the
actions of a few evil people, our society attempts to
envelop all our offspring in a life-sapping isolation
bubble inflated by extreme over-reaction.

The latest example is the 73-year-old Scottsdale man
forced out of a major chain bookstore because he was in
the children’s section alone. What was a grown man doing
there? He was shopping for his five and seven-year-old

A customer became alarmed at this brazen affront to her
standards and alerted a clerk at this Barnes and “not so”
Noble, who proceeded to boot grandpa.

The corporation later apologized, but I don’t care.

I also just don’t want to hear the phrase “You just can’t
be too careful.”

Yes, you can.

You can strangle a child with suspicions that prevent them
from enjoying the amazing gifts that come from the company
of loving grown-ups.

I’m Pat McMahon.