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Yes, I’m one of those semi grown-ups who watches “Glee”. If you don’t, on Tuesday night, you missed an important message. Kids drink! Kids drink alcohol. Kids get smashed.

No big surprises? But on “Glee” it wasn’t just the so called “bad” boys and girls who sucked up all the booze at the party. It was everybody — the straight A students, the jocks, the virgins, the kid in the wheel chair. Just like at your house or the house where your kids go to party.

Oh, and on this episode the adults get smashed, too. The glee club director was tossing ‘em down at a country music hangout.

There were no tedious lectures. Just pain, guilt and embarrassment. But you had to see “Glee” to know where that came from. Kids really could learn valuable lessons from the show. That when you get drunk, you’re out of control and you probably will behave like an idiot. Parents might also find that their drug of choice — alcohol — is still a drug like marijuana, ecstasy and oxycontin. And because its available everywhere, it may be the deadliest drug around.