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Pat McMahon: Pinned

I went to high school in Iowa. And not only is it a great place to get an education, it’s a state where high school sports is king.

I know Texas consistently has some of the best high school football played anywhere and Indiana is a hot-bed of basketball madness, but for a complete athletic picture year-round, in big city schools and small farming communities, I think Iowa has it all.

That’s why I was a little surprised when I read that something unexpected happened this week in the Iowa state wrestling tournament. In Iowa, this tournament is comparable to the World Cup and the Super Bowl combined.

Hawkeye parents are goofy for grapplers. Iowa is so advanced in this sport that girls are allowed to compete and two became the first to qualify for the state tournament. But in the 112-pound division, a boy who was one of the favorites, defaulted in the match rather than wrestle a girl.

Girls play football now, they play on boy’s baseball teams.
Let’s stop separating the players who wear “c” cups and those who wear protective cups. If girls had been allowed to wrestle when I was in high school, oh my. I would have volunteered to be a practice dummy.