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Pat McMahon: Have a heart

Boy! Just last night did i get to the heart of my personal health — and yours too. I participated in a public forum on Cardiovascular Health put on by the Arizona Heart Institute. And, while I have so far been very fortunate in avoiding heart disease, it was an eye opener.

Did you know that this miraculous muscle beats as many as two and a-half billion times through a normal lifetime? That’s a lot to ask of a one-pound pump.

But, medical practitioners now have the skills to perform any number of surgical procedures more non-invasively than at any time in history. All kinds of organ repair is done with minimal cutting.

However, did you know that in the western world, anatomy was done pretty much by guesswork?

During the Renaissance, since the all powerful church controlled even the practice of medicine, and entering what was considered “God Fearing Bodies” was a sin, so even the dissection of corpses was usually done only on criminals. Yes, medical technology has come a long way since the Renaissance, but isn’t it interesting that people in power are still deciding what to cut — both bodies and budgets?