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McMahon: Suits

You know, I try and I try to keep an accurate estimate of how broke we in Arizona really are. But it keeps changing so rapidly it’s almost impossible.

The figure $6.3 billion is often mentioned – occasionally accompanied by a death rattle. Some are actually contending that on a per capita comparison Arizona is worse off financially than that Pompeii of red economic numbers – California. Boy, we sure are lucky that our financial decisions are being made by political professionals who pride themselves on being fiscal conservatives – like Gov. Jan Brewer and now Attorney General Tom Horne.

Didn’t they just tell us in the last campaign that they were going to cut all unnecessary expenses? But wasn’t that Gov. Jan and her heroic sidekick A.G. on TV yesterday telling us they, or more accurately we, are suing the federal government because some of the feds declared SB 1070 unconstitutional.

Hey guys! You don’t have to do that kind of stuff anymore. I know it got you elected but you won! And now you’re selling tickets on a very expensive showboat!