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Pat McMahon: Cheers!

Wow! What a way to spend a Sunday. Big screen TV at my house. Favorite food that I had picked out long before the event itself. A variety of grown-up beverages.

I repeat. This was at my house. All of this and my favorite team. Black and gold? Green and gold? No! Platinum — multiple platinum and black — for the Black Eyed Peas.

What a choice for half-time entertainment. In recent years, television executives have picked Hall of Famers — but alas, they also belonged to the great geezers of the music world — all to avoid another Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. So, with the typical courage of network broadcast management, they booked performers who might only be in danger of supp-hose slippage.

That all ended Sunday with Will I Am, APL, Taboo and Fergie showing cowboys what dancing should look like. Peas’ passion will always be criticized by those who can’t accept the show in showbiz. I loved it. Oh yeah. And the game, too. But, as of Sunday, football season is over. And tonight — Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night!