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McMahon: Salute

Oh no. Now no one will be safe in the showers. In combat, with bullets whizzing over a foxhole, one soldier may want to hug another for protection. Uniforms are liable to become less masculine.

Are those some of the things that are troubling you Sen. McCain? You and your distinguished military career, do you really believe that none of your classmates at Annapolis, and none of the regulars you later served with during those war years, and none of the seafaring naval personnel who served under your admiral father and admiral grandfather were gay?

If you honestly believe that, then Sir, I submit my opinion that you’re not smart enough to be a United States senator. While most of the major western powers have long ago put this away as a divisive issue, we now have the opportunity to catch up with much of the rest of the world and say that no matter whom you love, if you love this country now you can show it.